Mission – Philosophy – Roles and functions of the association

The PRO17 Soccer Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to
the development of soccer in the regions of Hawkesbury, Alfred and Plantagenet.

The mission of the association is to promote and encourage the sport of soccer recreational and competitive while encouraging members in a healthy sporting spirit promoting rules and regulations.

Aiming to provide quality service, the association believes it’s essential to train administrators, coaches and referees.

Roles and functions:

  • Provide opportunities for every individual to practice soccer;
  • Promote and encourage physical activity by playing soccer;
  • Allow the individual to also develop both socially and psychologically;
  • Develop a sense of belonging to the region;
  • Train administrators, coaches and referees;
  • Apply on its territory, the regulations of the PRO17 Soccer Club,
    the Ontario Soccer Association and the Canadian Soccer Association.